About Us

Our journey began the day our children, Maxandre & Sophia, made their entrance into our world. As new parents, we did not know much. We knew we had a lot to learn and that we would most likely make many mistakes. The one thing that was clear to us was this overarching desire to create countless memories of these bonding moments with our children. We wanted to keep them close, snug and warm at all times. This is when the PocketWrap idea was born. We decided to reinvent this ancestral accessory to make it more practical. Just like in the case of a mommy kangaroo, the Pocket Wrap keeps your hands free but as a bonus, the always within reach pocket also allows you to carry an extra diaper, a pacifier, a hat, a toy, sunscreen or keys along with you as you go about your daily adventure while your mini one gently falls asleep to the sound of your loving heartbeat.