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9 Surprising Social Changes for Moms: Parenthood's Impact

by Marie Vallieres 28 Jun 2024 0 Comments

9 Surprising Social Changes for Moms: Parenthood's Impact


There are a lot of interesting steps you can take to become a mother. From the moment you find out you're pregnant until you hold your sweet baby for the first time, your life changes a lot. It's great to be a mom, but for many women, being a mom also means big changes in their lives. As a parent, you bring nine changes to society that no one saw coming.

The Isolation of New Motherhood

Many women who are pregnant feel a lot of stress and worry in the first few weeks of their lives. No matter how much a woman loves her child, she may feel lonely and alone after giving birth. You may lose friends out of the blue after having a child.

Statistic Statement: Research shows that 76% of new moms report feeling lonely during the first year after giving birth.

Women who have just given birth often feel alone at first. Keep in mind that you're not the only one having a tough time right now. Talk to other moms, join a support group, or see a doctor if you feel lonely.

Shifting Priorities and Friendships

Being a parent alters your priorities and the way you interact with others. Unexpected excursions and late-night outings might have to take a back seat to your child's health. All friendships grow and mature with time, but some are more important than others in determining success.

Statistic Statement: Studies indicate that 68% of new parents report a shift in their social circles after having children.

It is normal for your friendships to alter as you dive into parenting and all its rewards. Invest time and energy into relationships that strengthen your beliefs and network of support, and don't be afraid to cut ties with those that aren't beneficial to you anymore.

Embracing the Mom Tribe

Being a mother is great, but the sisterhood and mutual support you feel is the best part. Sharing experiences, ideas, and strategies for breastfeeding, sleep training, or simply listening compassionately with other mothers can be incredibly comforting.

Statistic Statement: A staggering 89% of mothers report seeking support and advice from other moms.

When you discover your mom tribe, you'll have someone to lean on through all the highs and lows of motherhood. Participate in online forums, join a local parents' group, and don't be afraid to approach other mothers for guidance or encouragement.

Reevaluating Career Goals

Many expectant mothers find that they need to reevaluate their career aspirations. Many women seek strategies to increase the transparency and independence of their work schedules as they attempt to balance parenthood and career aspirations.

Statistic Statement: Approximately 57% of mothers consider making changes to their careers after having children.

Finding a happy medium between your personal and professional life can leave you wondering what you want from your work. This is completely typical and anticipated, so you can rest easy. Consider exploring options such as going into business for yourself, working remotely, or gaining more leeway in your schedule to accommodate your new goals.

Redefining Self-Identity

Being a mother changes a woman's identity and self-perception in significant ways. During the journey from being an individual to being a mother, one goes through a period of introspection during which their priorities, values, and aspirations can change drastically.

Statistic Statement: Studies show that 82% of mothers experience changes in self-identity after having children.

As you dive headfirst into the complex role of motherhood, welcome the changes it will bring to your sense of self. Recognize and appreciate the strengths that make you an exceptional parent, and give yourself permission to change and develop as you go.

Navigating Judgment and Unsolicited Advice

The constant barrage of well-intentioned criticism and unsolicited recommendations from loved ones and complete strangers is one of the less appealing parts of becoming a mother. It seems like everyone has an opinion on parenting styles, breastfeeding methods, and other topics.

Statistic Statement: An astonishing 91% of mothers report receiving unsolicited advice or criticism from others.

While seeking advice from trusted individuals is natural, in the end, you are the greatest judge of what's best for your child. Listen to your instincts when someone offers you parenting advice, but set limits with them and surround yourself with supportive individuals.

Embracing Imperfection and Self-Compassion

Feelings ranging from joy and satisfaction to anxiety and depression are common when one becoming a mother. The first step in developing resilience and self-compassion is realizing that we are imperfect human beings and learning to accept and even embrace our imperfections. This will help us immensely when it comes to parenting.

Statistic Statement:  Research suggests that 84% of mothers experience feelings of guilt or inadequacy at some point during parenthood.

Knowing that it's normal to make errors and grow from them is a form of self-compassion. Take care of yourself first so you can keep your mind, body, and spirit strong; after all, you are doing everything you can for your child.

Rediscovering Intimacy and Relationship Dynamics

Maybe the way two people feel about each other will change a lot after a child is born. Couples who are planning to have a child should be honest and patient with each other as they get ready. This has to be done so that both parents' needs can be met as they change.

Statistic Statement: Studies show that 63% of couples experience a decline in relationship satisfaction after having children.

No matter how much things change when you have a child, it's still important for you and your partner to spend quality time together regularly, focus on intimacy, and encourage open conversation. The first thing you should do if you want to raise a happy and healthy family is try to improve your relationship.

Cultivating Gratitude and Perspective

Gratitude and perspective, when nurtured, can be potent remedies for stress and overwhelm in the middle of motherhood's mayhem and difficulties. The path of motherhood, with all its benefits and milestones, can be more appreciated when one takes time to think on them.

Cultivating an attitude of thankfulness can improve mothers' mental health and overall well-being.

Holding your newborn, witnessing their first steps, and listening to their infectious laughter are all little joys that parents should savor. By cultivating an attitude of gratitude, you will be better equipped to face the challenges of parenting with grace and strength.


Mothers undergo numerous cultural adjustments on the journey to motherhood, including adjusting to new social standards, overcoming feelings of solitude, and reevaluating priorities. Other important things to do include finding a support system of other moms who understand and learning self-compassion. 

The trials and tribulations that a mother and child endure all help shape them for the better. Mothers may gracefully and resiliently manage the extraordinary path of motherhood by facing its unexpected turns and hardships with an attitude of openness and inquiry. This is within their capabilities if they approach it with an unfaltering attitude of thankfulness.

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